Broccoli cream soup

Calories 91, Proteins 10, Fats 3, Carbs 6

Traditional, Healthy food


Chicken breast - 500 gr.
Broccoli - 500 gr.
Onions - 120 gr.
Salt - 6 gr.
Black pepper - 3 gr.
Oil - 30 gr.
Potatoes - 150 gr.
Bread - 30 gr.
Chicken breasts fill with water, put for cooking.
Add broccoli, finely chopped potatoes.
Fry onions in oil, add to the pan with soup. Cook to doneness.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
When the soup is ready, grind all in blender.
Fry the croutons and serve the soup with croutons and broccoli.

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