Calories 164, Proteins 12, Fats 4, Carbs 19

Traditional, USA, Europe


Chicken breasts - 2 pcs. (Pre-boil in salted water)
Sweet pepper - 1 pc.
Fresh tomatoes - 2 pcs.
Fresh mushrooms - 200 g (or 1 can of saline)
Onions - 2-3 pcs (better to use red)
Parsley - 1 bunch
Garlic - 1-2 cloves
Oil - 3 tbsp.
Cheese - 150 g (semi-hard)
Armenian lavash - 6 pcs. (You can use a pitabread)
Ketchup - 2 tbsp.
Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp.

Peel the onions and cut into half rings. Dice the cooked chicken breast fillets. Sweet pepper cut into medium cubes. Finely chop the parsley. Dice the tomatoes. Grate a cheese. Finely chop garlic. Mushrooms, if they are fresh, cut into thin strips, and if canned, chopped into pieces, do nothing.
Warm oil in the frying pan. Fry the onions. Add the finely chopped garlic and fry it all for 2-3 minutes until golden brown.
Add chicken, stir and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add the mushrooms. If you use raw mushrooms roast it to 5 minutes. Mix.
Next, add the peppers and fry for 2-3 minutes to softness. Put a little salt and pepper.
Add the tomatoes and fry for 2-3 minutes.
Next, add the chopped parsley. Stir and stew for 2-3 minutes.
Expand pita bread, in the middle put the stuffing, which you need to cool down a bit. Cover with pita bread and pull up to the edge. Then wrap the edges from the right and left and wrap as an envelope. Next, wrap the pita completely. Sprinkle with grated cheese. And send it in an oven or microwave.
Take burritos off the microwave (or oven). On top put mayonnaise and ketchup.
Serve it hot.

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