Pork and beef meatballs

Calories 220, Proteins 12, Fats 15, Carbs 6



Pork mince - 500 gr.
Beef mince - 400 gr.
Bread - 100 gr.
Milk - 50 ml.
Dill (to taste) - 20 gr.
Onions - 200 g.
Oil (for frying) - 2 tbsp
Egg - 1 pc.
Semolina - 20 gr.
Lettuce (to taste) - 5 gr.
Salt (to taste) - 2 gr.
Black pepper (to taste) - 2 gr.
Mix pork and beef mince.
Add chopped onion.
Add finely chopped dill.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Soften the bread in the milk and add to the mince.
Add egg.
Add semolina.
All mix well with hands.
Form the meatballas and fry with oil on a frying pan.
Flip and fry on both sides until cooked.
Serve with lettuce.

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