Club sandwich

Calories 123, Proteins 16, Fats 6, Carbs 0



Toast bread - 6 pieces
Сhicken fillet - 2 pcs (250 gr each)
salt and pepper to taste
Red onion - 1 small
Boiled Eggs - 2 pcs
Tomatoes - 2 medium
Bacon - 8 slices (smoked and boiled-smoked brisket)
iceberg lettuce
French fries (optional)

Salt and pepper chicken fillets, fry until cooked in a frying pan with oil. Fry bread on a greased pan. Fry bacon on the medium heat on a dry frying pan until crisp. Chicken fillets cut into slices. Tomatoes and eggs cut into slices, onions cut into rings. The first slice of bread smear with mayonnaise, put the salad, the chicken and the egg. Cover with the second slice, also smear with mayonnaise, put the lettuce, bacon, onion and tomato. Cover with remaining slice of bread, smeared with mayonnaise. Cut each sandwich into 4 pieces on the diagonal (if the bread is smaller cut into 2 pieces), put skewer in each part. Serve with French fries (optional).

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Club sandwich