Entrecote (rib steak)

Calories 120, Proteins 8, Fats 15, Carbs 1



Pork on the bone - 350 g r
Oil (or olive oil) - 7 ml
black pepper

Wash the piece of pork flesh on the bone and thoroughly dry it with paper towels.
Then, with a sharp knife cut the meat between the bones to the same size pieces as possible.
Next, slightly beat each steak with special kitchen hammer.
Now liberally smear the meat with oil (olive oil) on both sides. Heat the pan, pour enough oil and when it is glowing, carefully place the meat on surface.
Leave the pork steak literally for 30 seconds, to "grab" a crust, and the needed juice left inside, and immediately turn over to the other side.
Sprinkle fried surface with coarse salt and ground black pepper. After 30 seconds, turn over pork again and sprinkle it with spices again, then cook the dish for 7 minutes on each side.
Move steak on a paper towel to excess the extra fat.
Then put out the juicy pork on a plate for serving, supplement with potatoes or fresh vegetables and enjoy the wonderful taste of the classic steak in a frying pan.

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Entrecote (rib steak)