Soup ramen

Calories 76, Proteins 3, Fats 4, Carbs 6



1 kg of pork
700 g noodles ramen
20 g of salt and sugar
200 g soy sauce
30 g of pork baked fat
30 g of ginger
1 g cinnamon
10 g of greenery
Cooked pork cut into small pieces, rinse thoroughly with blood, put in a capacious pan and boil for 30 minutes, periodically removing the formed foam. Then pull the meat, not draining the broth, which must be salted. Let the broth settle and get rid of impurities. Pour the purified broth into another saucepan.

Put the cinnamon and ginger on the bottom of a clean pan, place pork on the top and add a little broth. After that, boil, send, pour soy sauce. The saucepan with meat should be tightly closed with a smaller lid so that it strongly presses the meat. For weighting, the cargo will be suitable, thanks to which, the pork meat was completely in the broth. In this form, cook for another 4 hours.


Prepare a new clean pan for noodles. Pour the water there, bring to a boil and add ramen noodles. It will take 5 minutes to be ready. Drain all the water from the pan, remove the noodles and divide into 5 portions.

Again take the pot, pour in it a liter of water, which again needs to be boiled. After the water boils, pour the remaining broth. For boiling will be enough for a couple of minutes. At the very end, add the pork fat and boil again for about a minute. In the end, pour the contents of the pot on the plates, which already have noodles. There also put pork. The resulting dish is decorated with greenery.

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Soup ramen